NBA 2K19 Shoe Kicksology Mods v3.1 By Seanbarkley

NBA 2K19 Shoe Mods

Free 100% Download NBA 2K19 Shoe Kicksology Update Mods v3.1
NBA 2K19 Shoe Kicksology Mods

How To Install NBA 2K19 Shoe Kicksology

  • Copy the content into waigua/modded folder.
  • If you use nba2k_Launcher add the line shoe_global.iff=xhoe_global.iff to the replacement list. If you don’t use the tool just replace the string shoe_global.iff for xhoe_global.iff in SYNC.bin file. Take into account that SYNC.BIN gets updated almost daily, so you’ll have to repeat this point 3 every time you want to enjoy the shoe edits. TIP: In nba2k_Launcher tool you have the option to lock SYNC.bin file so the game won’t overwrite it every time it loads

Information and Download:

Size Roster: 116.95 MB
Date of Update : 02-23-2019
ٍShoe By Seanbarkley


Thanx fam could you make a tutorial on how to use the launcher tool, would appriciate it lots

reupload the mod please, the link is error