NBA 2K19 Official Roster Update 05-01-2019

NBA 2K19 Official Roster Update

Free 100% Download NBA 2K19 Official Roster Update 05-01-2019
NBA 2K19 Official Roster Update

How To Install NBA 2K19 Roster Update

Unzip the file. Copy the 841370 folder to C:/users/public/public documents/steam.

What's New In The Update ?

  • Playoffs 5st Round
  • New Trade Jimmer Fredette
  • Official List Update
  • All-Star Charlotte 2019
  • all the new Ratings update
  • New shoes KD 11, Harden 3, Jordan 33
  • New Jerseys! And all the new Ratings update.

Information and Download:

Size Roster: 828.83 MB
Date of Update : 05-01-2019

This Is The Newest Mods



how to i even download this? i get redirected to another site and nothing happens. i can't download

Guys you are gonna get redirected scroll down and wait for your link to get ready there is a count down.

Wait 30 seconds then click on Create a download link

Hello! :)

Done Update links.

Thank you On alert :)

I Don't know how to download it! can't find the link! Please help

media fire the download site its already down cannot download it anymore pls fix it

Download not available

Media Fire link says "This file can not be downloaded because there was a problem with the upload. If possible, contact the person uploading the file to ask them to upload it again. "

Done Update links.

Thank you On alert

redirected to, there's no download link.

да кто не скачал ссылку тот рак неумытый

how to install this update?help please

Unzip the file. Copy the 841370 folder to C:/users/public/public

why there is no action replays?

Thanks for the alert, the error will be processed

When i use this, the unifrom of all stars are not updated. :(

after i copy paste to steam, this roster is not updated. still same like before i download it

there no 841370 folder. how to fix?

Inside the Steam folder there is this 841370 file

after i copy to folder steam, my roster still same, not be updated

You can have your latest update

when are we having a new roster update?


after i copy to steam folder, my roster is same , still not change !!!

Mediafire something appears to be missing?

password provided is incorrect

password is not working

How to download link?
go link wait 40 sec click create a download link and scrol down and click visit link... link is grean the color.

Tried many times, but password isn't working. Sure "" is the correct password?

bro it work but when i pick the new jerseys all players disappered on court. how do i fix it?

how to fix invisible players when using CITY jerseys in Play Now.

bro all players are fucking invisible wtf

Does it work for offline users?

Man, how to fix CITY jersey bugs? (Invisible Player on the Court)

all the new jerseys shows invisible players. how to fix that?

why does the other jersey wont work?

u can fix earned or city jersey by updating the game to the lastest version

how to update the game to the latest version? offline user here

okay its worked you shouldnt copy paste you should write your hands

This comment has been removed by the author.

type the password please. is not working

players become invisible when i select nike city jerseys

Compatible with kicksology mod?

cant play the game, suddenly it's force closed

the players are invisible when used the alternate jerseys.. how to fix it?

the players are invisible when i used the city jerseys.. how to fix it?

i got redirected here.

Where is the actual link? It redirects me, after I scroll down, to some random virus scanner BS.

how to fix invisible players when I use the city Jersey?

New jersey makes you invisible ......fix please

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