adidas harden vol 2

Really high quality shoes mod Adidas harden vol 2 Every year when doing shoes, he vowed never to do sneaker Mod. . . Because it's too hard to do it. . . As a result, 2K18 still did not escape this year. His own hands also itched and friends blew up. . . So the birth of this pair of Harden v2 Uh, it is estimated that the official will also update the original did not want to do more detailed results. Once you start it will not be able to do it. According to the highest specifications very detailed to do every detail of how much time and effort you are looking Less than, but the final effect you see ~ Well, this pair of shoes PM is released This is the current idea About Harden 2 Some of the special colors may follow I update again Now this version is a standard version of color matching