NBA 2K18 Slider Cheat Table

NBA 2K18 Slider Cheat Table

nba 2k19 cheat

1, enter the game main menu

  2, open ce, select 2K18, load the attached CT file

  3, check the first in ce, this time all the values ​​?? are? ? question mark

  4, enter the game main menu -> Options / Features -> PC / user configuration

  5, just change a value

  6, cut back to the desktop, confirm the ce question mark has become a figure

  7, cut back the game, load career mode, this time the value of CE will follow the change, the default is the job difficulty (if you want to confirm whether the effect, you can tune into the main menu difficulty Hall of Fame, and then load career mode, Observe whether the value of ce changes)

  8, modify the value of 0.99

  Enjoy the best of everything